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Dale Leakey - Bronze Artist 

     My forms and decorative elements have been influenced both by my surroundings as a child, prairie grasses and the insects that lived amongst them, and my travels through foreign lands, enchanted by the ancient spires of faraway temples     It is with great pleasure that I continue my exploration of the intertwining of beauty with resonance of bronze sculpture.

     I am intrigued by the tonal possibilities of bronze and the ability to generate sound through sculpture. In essence being able to create a sensory dialogue, both auditory and visual, between the bell and the observer. Creating an instrument that enables the viewer to be still and to connect with the deep ancient tones heard throughout time in both ritualistic and functional settings, crossing cultural barriers. Growing up in a small prairie village, I heard church bells ring out each Sunday calling the people to service. Later, traveling throughout Asia and Africa, I was reacquainted with the mystical sounds of bells used in a variety of ways, always conveying a sense of the sacred.


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